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About Us

A Legacy of Excellence: The Journey of Davtec Hydraulic Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers

In 1997, Don Vos embarked on a mission to establish Davtec, an industrial supply company, which has since become synonymous with quality and reliability in the field. Davtec quickly became a trusted source for fluid sealing devices, industrial chemicals, and Hydraulic Oil Coolers, serving a wide range of industries.

From 1986 to 1996, Don Vos lent his technical expertise to the industry as a specialist with the National Trading Company. During this time, he passionately promoted Chesterton mechanical seals, gland packing, and industrial chemicals, with a special focus on the challenging environments of gold mines.

Prior to that, from 1981 to 1986, Don Vos served as a Hydraulics Sales Engineer with Reunert & Lens, further honing his skills and knowledge in the field of hydraulics.

In 2001, Don Vos’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the design and development of the groundbreaking FibreGrip Non-Slip System, a solution that has continued to make strides in enhancing safety across various industries. Today, Davtec offers FibreGrip Non-Slip Solutions to industrial, corporate, and retail markets, with a state-of-the-art factory located in Krugersdorp, Gauteng.

Davtec Hydraulic Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers continue to be a pillar of innovation, quality, and reliability in the industry.

Davtec Hydraulic Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers have proudly served the industry, marking excellence since 1997. Our oil coolers are locally crafted to withstand the challenging conditions of South Africa and the robust demands of the mining industry. Davtec’s Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers cater to both cooling and heating applications and are renowned for their ease of installation. Moreover, our solutions extend beyond hydraulic oil to a wide range of applications, reflecting our commitment to versatility and innovation. Represented by Davtec, these oil coolers are available in a standard range of off-the-shelf units, with the flexibility to create bespoke units tailored to your specific needs.We go the extra mile by offering comprehensive servicing and repair options for all tube and shell hydraulic oil coolers and Heat Exchangers. Additionally, we provide re-core services for tube and shell Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers, ensuring longevity and cost-efficiency.To meet diverse requirements, we also offer customizable Air Blast Coolers manufactured to precise customer specifications, further underscoring our dedication to providing tailored solutions. Davtec continues to lead the way in oil cooling and heat exchange systems, setting the industry standard for quality and service excellence.

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