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Air Blast Coolers are used for cooling various mediums. Ambient air is forced over a heat exchanger to remove heat from a closed circuit system. The cooler consists of a finned heat exchanger and cooling fans. The air blast cooler can be free standing and can be installed as multiple units on a single structure. It is ideal for harsh ambient conditions and low power consumption.

  • Available in 220v, 380v and 525v
  • Heavy duty and robust design
  • Locally manufactured
  • Designed specifically for mobile applications
  • Also available in 12v and 24v dc
  • Low operating costs
  • Units made up to client specifications

Air Blast Coolers are used for process cooling. Ambient air is forced over a heat exchanger to remove unwanted heat from a closed circuit containing process fluids or intermediate coolant. Coolant return temperatures can be as low as 10°C above ambient air.

The header is the part of the cooler where the coolant passes into the heat exchanger tubes. Depending on the application, the design pressure and your requirements, the header can take various forms, including tubular, rectangular with cover plates, or plugged.

The coolant may pass several times down the length of the cooler in a crossflow or counter-flow arrangement. The positions of the baffles within the headers determine the number of passes. The best arrangement depends on the temperature differentials and overall flow rates of the tube side and ambient streams.

The airflow inside the heat exchanger, for which the product gets its name, is driven by fans. These can operate in either forced or

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we work with you to design and manufacture the ideal air blast cooler for your requirements. Together, we discuss the primary considerations for your application and ensure your air blast cooler is suited to the purpose. Get in touch today. induced draft mode and are powered by electric and occasionally hydraulic motors. The motors are used in a direct drive format for most applications, although we can supply belt-mounted arrangement.

Air Blast Coolers can work in a closed-circuit arrangement, which is significantly better than an open cooling tower. By avoiding direct contact between air and water, a closed-circuit system creates a cleaner cooling system less prone to fouling and corrosion.

With this reliable system, we can reduce operational costs and avoid downtime.

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