Hydraulic shell & tube oil coolers have a series of tubes inside a closed shell. Hot oil flows around the tubes and cooler water flows through the tubes.(This process can be reversed). With the correct selection optimum heat load dissipation is obtained making it a compact and cost effective solution. Davtec Oil Coolers sells tube and shell coolers with a standard two pass configuration.tube and shell oil coolers with 3 or 4 pass configuration is available on request.

  • Less costly
  • Pressure drop across tube cooler is less
  • Maintenance is uncomplicated
  • Compact in size
  • Heat transfer is more efficient
  • Can be used in higher temperature and pressure applications
  • Tube coolers is preferred for lubricating oil applications

A tube oil cooler is basically a radiator with oil running through it instead of water, to lubricate the turbine guide bearings and transferring the heat generated in the turbine. They are typical shell and tube heat exchanger (STHEs) with an oil chamber being the shell and fins are attached to the water tubes to increase the heat transfer rate. The finned tubes arranged in an in-line manner. Fins are used to increase the effective surface area of heat exchanger tubing. These oil coolers are also called plug-in type because they are plugged into an oil chamber, filled with hydraulic oil to transfer the heat generated in the guide bearing. Oil chamber contains the oil for lubricating as well as for cooling purpose. Generally, it is cylindrical in shape with a circular cross section, although shells of different shape are used in specific applications. Finned tube oil cooler plays an important role in keeping a well running turbine continuous even when pushed to the limit. Maintaining a proper oil temperature is important to keep the oil in its proper lubricating state and to aid the radiator in keeping the equipment cool. Most of the oil coolers purchased are used in industrial areas are of finned tube oil coolers due to their robust geometry construction, easy maintenance and possible upgrades. Also, it suits high pressure application and these coolers can be assembled or replaced without much trouble. These oil coolers are designed to meet the specific duty condition, temperature and pressure of the fluids.