Davtec Tube & Shell Hydraulic Coolers replacement units can be selected from  the technical data sheet to select the correct hydraulic tube & shell  oil cooler to suit the required application.

Use the Hydraulic Tube & Shell Oil Cooler Selection Sheet to supply the correct required information in order for our engineering staff to select the correct hydraulic tube and shell oil cooler for your application.

Davtec’s Technical Data Sheets: Your Blueprint to Cooling Excellence

When it comes to optimizing your industrial cooling solutions, having the right information at your fingertips is crucial. At Davtec, we recognize the importance of transparency, precision, and convenience in making informed decisions about cooling equipment. That’s why we provide comprehensive technical data sheets for our tube and shell hydraulic oil coolers, air blast coolers, and heat exchangers.

Our technical data sheets are designed to offer you in-depth insights into our cooling products, providing you with the knowledge needed to make the best choices for your specific needs. These sheets cover a wide array of critical information, including:

1. Dimensions: We understand that the physical space available for your cooling equipment is vital. Our data sheets include detailed dimensions, ensuring that you can confidently select the right-sized product for your application.

2. KW (Kilowatts): To effectively manage your energy consumption, our data sheets provide information on the cooling capacity in kilowatts. This allows you to match the equipment to your requirements accurately.

3. Flow Charts: We offer comprehensive flow charts to guide you in understanding how the cooling medium moves through our products. These charts are indispensable for optimizing performance and efficiency.

4. Port Sizes and Threads: Ensuring the correct connection and compatibility is essential. Our data sheets specify port sizes and threads available, simplifying the installation process and eliminating guesswork.

With Davtec’s technical data sheets, you can confidently choose the right cooling solutions for your application, whether it’s in Hydraulic systems, industrial processes, or any other cooling requirement. You’ll have all the information necessary to make well-informed decisions, ensuring that you achieve peak performance and efficiency while minimizing downtime and errors.

Your Partner in Cooling Excellence:

Davtec is not just a supplier of cooling equipment; we are a partner dedicated to your success. Our commitment to transparency and accuracy extends to our technical data sheets, embodying our mission to provide the highest-quality products and services in the industry.

Explore our technical data sheets to unlock the full potential of your cooling solutions. With Davtec, you have the information you need to make the right choice every time.